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Giving Students the Sunrise Advantage

Sunrise Learning’s  Programs are built on Canadian Achievement Tests. Students are assessed using a variety of other material as well and programs are built for each student’s specific needs. All materials used by a student have been designed to help them improve on the areas that the assessment determines are their greatest areas of need. Reports are sent every 12 hours to keep parents informed about the progress of their child. Our students are given the same Achievement Test after 36 hours of tutoring time and a report is sent home documenting their progress. The goal is to improve one grade level in 36 hours, but our students often improve several grade levels. At Sunrise we focus on improving confidence and building foundational skills that will last a lifetime.

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Registration is on going at this time. If you are interested in registering your child please call the office at 250-287-9090. Assessments will be done during the first two hours of tutoring. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your children reach their full potential. 

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Sunrise Learning has a long record of success in Campbell River. We have 2 Centres in Campbell River ready to make the Sunrise difference for your child.

Sunrise learning has been providing high quality tutoring for 18 years in Campbell River .

Our commitment to support our students and their families remains unchanged.

Our staff builds relationships that foster confidence and build self esteem.

Students who see themselves as capable and smart become successful individuals ready to meet challenges in all areas of life.

Excellent client care for parents is a priority. We will support you as well as your child as you move through a challenging education system.

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