Here is what some of our parents and students have to say about Sunrise Learning Centre:

“Thank goodness for Sunrise Learning Centre! My daughter never complains about going! The tutors are great and the office staff is friendly and helpful. The results have been fabulous….A’s!!! It is well worth the money to have her get the support for math she needs, as my math skills are abysmal! Even though her marks are great, she will most likely continue until she graduates… it is a win, win for us!”  ~R. Walsh

“I like all my tutors and the fact that we can work on any questions I ask. I’ve been going to Sunrise for about 7 years. I’m glad that I go. It has certainly boosted my marks up!”  ~Shea (Sunrise student)

“The school system failed my daughter when it came to math. She didn’t receive the help she needed in elementary school and yet, kept being pushed ahead every year, not comprehending the work. She became more and more frustrated and disheartened. We then called Sunrise, had an evaluation done, and got her into tutoring sessions. It has been a long road but she is progressing slowly. Her tutor is wonderful and she likes her a lot. Thanks Sunrise for the help and for making her feel good about her progress. We don’t know where we’d be without you.”  ~C. Cawley

“Prior to Sunrise, my daughter found reading to be a huge challenge. With Sunrise, she has developed a whole new approach and attitude. She has found a new confidence in her reading ability and has even voluntarily read aloud in class. Her homework is now almost always completed independently. She enjoys her time at Sunrise and has even inquired about continuing with an enriched curriculum.”  ~C. Tinga

“My child loves attending Sunrise and she likes her teacher very much!  Sunrise is absolutely helping with my child’s level of confidence.”  ~A. McDonnell

“My child loves coming to tutoring…she loves her teacher.  We as well as her (school) teachers are able to see a big difference with her in her actual education level as well as confidence and (her) wall of anxiety is much less…We love your program and are happy with our child’s development in your program.”  ~K. Lake


“My child enjoys working with his teacher very much and she is doing a fabulous job with him!  He’s much more eager and willing to learn since starting tutoring.  His teacher is very encouraging.  I have noticed that she is always praising him which is doing wonders for his confidence level.  We are so pleased!  Thank you!”  ~A. Loland


“My child enjoys her teacher very much!  She couldn’t get through math without Sunrise.”  ~T. Perrier


“My child is happy to go to tutoring.  Tutoring has helped her immensely, and her self confidence in everything has sky rocketed.” ~D. Kowalko


“We are very grateful for your tutoring services, and for (our child’s) teacher.”  ~B. Mainprize


“My child has a smile when he arrives and has a smile when we pick him up!  He likes working with his tutor very much and she is doing an excellent job with him.  The extra tutoring is helping him at school and his confidence has improved.  We are very happy with the program.”  ~A. and T. Laderoute


“My child really likes his tutor and he never complains that he has to go to “reading” even though it’s right after school.  That alone tells me how much he enjoys his time with him…his tutor is doing a wonderful job!” ~M. Nicholson