What types of students enroll at Sunrise Learning Centre?
We assist students in a variety of situations. Some are struggling in school because of skill gaps, learning difficulties, or because they need individual pacing and attention. Other students focus on improving their current school grades and excelling academically. Still others are looking for the challenge of an enrichment program.

Are all of your instructors certified teachers?
Yes, all of our instructors are certified teachers. Exceptions may be made for high school math and science instructors; however, even those who are not technically certified hold specialized university degrees and have a great amount of experience teaching.  All Sunrise instructors have gone through criminal record checks.
Is my child’s tutoring tax-deductible?
Sunrise Learning Centre’s programs are considered to be private and optional educational services, and cannot be claimed against tax returns except in certain special circumstances. Ask your accountant for more information.

How will I be able to measure my child’s academic growth with Sunrise Learning Centre?
The teachers assess the students’ work on an ongoing basis and can always give you an idea of the progress that is being made. Report cards are issued after every 12 program hours and students are given the same standardized test twice, with a six month and 36 program hour interval in between, in order to determine what progress has been made and whether the student is ready to move on to the next level.  When assessing progress, it is also important to note any changes in your child’s attitude towards learning. The significance of improved confidence levels cannot be overemphasized.

How long do students typically stay with Sunrise Learning Centre?
Duration of tutoring really depends on the individual situation and student. Some students stay with Sunrise only a couple of months, while others have been working with us for several years. In the case of students with very specific learning gaps, six months can often suffice to provide them with the extra learning they need to overcome those gaps and participate fully at their own grade level. For students who experience ongoing difficulties with their learning at school, Sunrise is able to provide long-term educational support and help to make school-work more manageable. Students on the Autism Spectrum may continue with their program long term.

Do you give homework?
Teachers at Sunrise Learning Centre do not assign homework unless a parent makes a specific request. All program work is completed during tutoring hours.

If I choose to enroll my child in semi-private tutoring, will the other student be working on the same material?
Semi-private tutoring means two students to one teacher. Students are generally close to the same age, but are often working on different material. This allows students to measure their success in terms of their own actual growth, instead of through comparison with the performance of the other students. the relationship that grows between the two students lends a unique and supportive dynamic to the tutoring experience. The students build a respectful mutually beneficial friendship.