Why Choose Sunrise?

Here is why we believe Sunrise is the best choice for your child:

  • One on One Tutoring

Sunrise students have the option of choosing either a semi-private setting (two students with one teacher) or a private setting (only your child with the teacher).  This allows you to choose an option that best fits your budget.

  • Proven Curriculum

Sunrise’s programs have been in place since 1999. These programs are tried and true and have been recently updated to ensure their effectiveness.  Since 1999, we have added new and exciting resources to our programs that are sure to capture the interest of your child as well as lead him/her onto a successful path in his/her academics.   We always are on the lookout for the most current and the most effective materials to help our students succeed. We teach concepts in a variety of ways to fit with changes in curriculum.

  • Third Party Funding

Sunrise has formed relationships with On Line Schools, First Nation Bands, and the Autism Funding Branch to help support our clients access funding to support tutoring. Our Admin team will support families as they move through the process.

  • No Assessment Cost

Assessment cost is included in the fee for the first two hours of tutoring. Students are assessed during that time and parents receive a copy of the results and can stop by or call the office to go over any questions they may have about the results. Beginner readers and Home Work Help students do not need to be assessed.

  • Rewards

As part of our students’ programs, they receive exciting rewards!  These rewards are given when they put forth their best efforts during their tutoring sessions.  We have a selection of toys, gift cards, as well as charitable options for our students to choose from.  If they  choose to donate their “tokens” to a charitable organization, (such as the SPCA or BC Children’s Hospital) Sunrise matches student donations dollar for dollar.  Donating to a charitable organization helps our students feel encouraged. Students feel empowered to make a difference in their community, and Sunrise is happy to support their development.

  • Communication with Sunrise Teachers

At Sunrise, we believe that timely communication with your child’s tutor is of utmost importance.  Every 12 hours of program time (approximately 1 1/2 months or less), your child’s tutor will send home a detailed progress report consisting of informative anecdotal comments as well as scores related to his/her program material.  Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s tutor before or after his/her lesson if they have any questions at all regarding the program.  And of course, our office is open every weekday morning for questions or concerns as well.

  •  Communication with Classroom Teachers

With parent approval, Sunrise will contact your child’s school teacher and work with the teacher throughout the school year to help your child succeed in school.

  •  No Long Term Contracts

We are very flexible in terms of parents’ schedules and needs.  Students can change their schedules, their tutors, or their programs at any time.   A student may also withdraw from our program at any time with two weeks notice.

  • Certified Teachers

All of our teachers are certified to teach in British Columbia and have been trained extensively to teach students in their areas of expertise.  They are also continually required to meet the standards of the BC College of Teachers.  At Sunrise, we do our very best to match up your child with the tutor we think has the expertise required for your child’s academic and emotional needs.