Individualized Programs

Sunrise Learning Centre offers individualized programs in reading, writing, study skills, and math. Program students complete a diagnostic Academic Assessment in their first 2 hours of tutoring. From the results of the assessment, a personalized program is designed for each student to target their areas of need.  Each student’s program is designed to be at a level that will build their skill set without being overwhelming or too challenging. This program may be below the student’s present grade level in school. Our goal is to fill the gaps in their learning so that they are ultimately better able to succeed at school and have a solid understanding of the material moving forward. Students are not pushed through the Sunrise Program and are expected to master skills before moving on.

The assessment may show a student to be at one level in one aspect of the program (eg. comprehension), and another level at another (eg. spelling). These levels are constantly being adjusted to move the student toward grade level as quickly as possible.

Students are re-tested on their initial Canadian Achievement Test (one of the tests administered in the diagnostic assessment) after they have completed 36 hours in the program and a report is sent home to parents that details the progress their child has made.  Students’ progress is also monitored throughout the program with marked exercises and progress reports which are sent home after every 12 program hours.