At Sunrise, we have two options for pricing that depend on your child’s needs:

  • The first is private lessons that allow your child to learn one on one with a certified teacher. This option is best if your child has special needs, very low confidence, or considerable issues with maintaining focus. Our hourly rate is $50/hour for private sessions.
  • The other option is semi-private lessons which happen with a ratio of two students to one certified teacher. This option is less expensive and has the benefit of the student realising that they are not alone in their need for extra support. Our Admin team is very selective about pairing students and there is always flexibility if a combination is not in the best interest of all involved. Our hourly rate is $40/hour for semiprivate lessons.
  • There are no upfront assessment fees with Sunrise. Your child will be assessed during their first two hours of tutoring unless they are a beginner reader or a homework based student. You save $100-$140 !
  • During the Summer Sunrise has Learning Camps at a savings of %20 off our regular rates. Students attend Monday to Friday for two hours a day and avoid losing the progress they have gained all year.
  • Our Courtenay Centre has special rates for new students or students who transfer from other Tutoring Centres. Please call the office and we will do our best to meet your needs.
  • We have working relationships with several First Nation Bands, On Line Schools, and the Autism Funding Branch that allow us to access Third Party Funding to support your child’s tutoring needs.

At this time, we accept credit cards, cash, post dated cheques, or debit at our Campbell River Centre.

Please contact us during our office hours to discuss your child’s options and the current pricing that would apply.  We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions and give you our recommendations. Please call 250-287-9090